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Once upon a time, before the adults all got banished into space, an imperial paingineer sat down and thought: hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we could start installing pilots younger and younger, so we can maximise their use before they die? And wouldn't it be excellent if we didn't have to worry about high rates of psionic suicide, or burn-out, because they're so mentally devastated by conscription?
Hence the lowblood sect of the worship of the Mirthful Messiah was started!

This is basically a derivative form of the normal, 'mainstream' form of the normal obscure cult. Think, in terms of how much your character might know, in terms of LDS vs. Mormons, or Reform Judaism vs. Orthodox Sephardic Judaism: outsiders probably think it's all the same, insiders probably know the difference, devout religious members of either sect definitely do know the difference and will judge you heavily if you mix them up.
Being part of the church as an indigo is your hatchright. Being part of the church as a blueblood is a blessing. Everyone else is just shit out of luck - unless you're in a cluster with the lowblood sect and you're a psionic, in which case, they will tell you all about how you can overcome the inherent shittiness of your blood and caste by eschewing them in favor of MiRaClEs. And also by becoming a church ship upon conscription. CAN'T FORGET THAT PART.
Psionics are allowed to wear partial paint, call themselves Mirthful, and they're given church housing - basically, blocks in old indigo hive stems. They're kept with food and medicine and kept healthy and fat until conscription, largely protected from the general consequences of lowblood allowances, but their life is generally still shitty. They're the lowest rung on a totem pole that says they're literally dirt and their only worth is in giving themselves entirely over, mind and body, to the church when they're 21.

In addition to that, being a Mirthful as a psionic means that you're giving your autonomy completely up. You don't get to live in your hive. You don't get to choose what you wear, what you eat, and your lifestyle is going to be fit around the fact you're having invasive surgeries until you're installed in a spaceship. Don't do anything that could damage your ports!

Also, you're surronded by people who can use mind powers on you at any point, and there is shit all you can do about it.
In the west coast's capitol, which is where Riccin is located, the Imperial Education Program is headed by Shepherd, and kids - after they pass their psionic tests, and are taken in - are basically forced into either following the Mirthful Messiahs, the Sweet Servants, or some other religion that will indoctrinate them into accepting their roles. Shit sucks. DON'T TAKE VOLUNTARY PSIONIC TESTING.

Riccin digs into the philosophies of the church here, here, and here. AND PROBABLY ELSEWHERE TOO but fuck that i'm not going through all their threads. ID was a member of the sect, Iphige was a member of it (and was placed on Sunstrider, an indigo-captained ship, upon conscription), OA is a member of it. Sipara attended Carnival regularly as ID's auspisticee and Iphige's clademate, but quickly realised as the only non-psionic, she was ten seconds from being culled and bailed.


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Your name is RICCIN KAYATA.

You are ALMOST NINE SWEEPS OLD, and you're an Imperial Trainee. Brought in at the age of five for psionic testing, you've been in Imperial care ever since, gradually having the WETWARE AND APICULTURE needed to helm a ship integrated into your fleshhusk over the sweeps. By the time you're TEN and you hit CONSCRIPTION, you'll be fully ready to be placed directly into your destined position of IMPERIAL HELSMMAN for some lucky ship.

Some trolls think your enthusiasm for SPACE, YOUR FUTURE and the MIRTHFUL MESSIAHS makes you a little fucked in the pan. You usually respond by CLUBBING THEM IN THEIRS. In the city, you're known as the BIG LOWBLOOD with the CREEPY HALF-PAINT and a SHITTY ATTITUDE, and that's fucking untrue. Your attitude isn't shitty! You just know there's only two things above you - FINHEADS, and SUBJUGS - and EVERYONE ELSE BELONGS FUCKING BELOW.

Now if you could just CONVINCE OTHERS of that fact.

Your trollhandle is obstructedAntiquity, and yOU TYPE IN A RAUCOUS MANNER THAT DRAWS THE FUCKING EYe. :o)

NAME: Riccin Kāyata
CASTE: Yellow
SIGN: Eclipse, the lunar transit.
LUSUS: Giant pangolin, 8" feet long.

Telekinesis. Their power gets stronger the farther away from them it is, reaching its peak at six feet of distance, and decreasing from there.

STRIFEKIND: Meteor hammer. It has a very long rope, and they direct it with their psionics: practice and good hand-eye coordination means that they can apply much more force than would normally be possible.

HOBBIES: Raiding the crypts below the inner city, and stealing from the graves. Hoarding massive amounts of objects. Religious studies. Reading the Mirthful Hymns. Watching theatre.

Six foot eleven, built lean and rectangular, and they're muscular without being ripped: fairly average athletic eighteen year old, essentially. Their hair is kept shaved on the sides and braided in the back, and they always keep all of their skin covered, from fingertips to the mid-point of their throat. On the rare occasion that someone sees them without their coat or gloves, they'll find helmsports installed in all the usual locations.

They wear the Church's half-paint: white on their eyelids, upper lip, and in a teardrop from the right eye.

Socially aggressive. Painfully disinterested in others - empathy is not a stat they took at chargen - but at the same time, they're very social. They like people being interested in them, paying attention to them, giving them the validation and kudos they deserve - they're just not very good at realising, or caring, about the fact others expect the same.

Determined that they're above everyone else: the Hymns say that Mirthful adherents are always superior than the faithless, after all! The evolution of the hymnbooks to indoctrinate lowblood psionics is a relatively recent one, though, even by troll standards, and so they're constantly bothered by the fact it preaches Mirthful superiority in the same breath as it denigrates lowbloods. The conflict makes them a little self-conscious, and painfully, unpleasantly aware of their own caste: actually bring up the fact they're the literal lowest rung of the church, and they're the lowest rung of society to boot, and they will go the fuck off.

tl;dr: A nineteen year old with a superiority complex and a religion that perpetually places them as the exception to the general filth of their caste, with all the issues one might expect to result from that. Terrible temper and prone to looming, not very empathetic, kind of melodramatic: very, very deeply involved in their faith, and prone to spouting off about it at the first opportunity.

<> who would even
<3 Vaguely interested in Liyiji, Pheres, the list probably goes on. Uptight bookish nerds are apparently their thing. UNFORTUNATE.
<3< hahaha they wish
o8< Myrrha Quisle is their auspistice, and the current third leaf is Sipara Nzinga.


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